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Russell Brand Is So Upset Over His Dog. Here’s Why

In a routine dog walk gone horrifically wrong, Russell Brand’s German Shepherd Bear was reported by The Sun to have mauled a wallaby to death in Brand’s town of Henley-on-Thames, England. Bear caught the female while its baby was still in its pouch, but Brand was able to intervene and save the joey. Per The Sun, the marsupials are apparently commonplace in Brand’s area, with one local telling the outlet, “Absolutely no one is blaming Russell or his dog — it’s just a horrible accident … It could have been far worse if he hadn’t stepped in so quickly.” Describing the comedian as “a very caring man,” the local shared, “I understand he’s devastated over what happened.”

Brand was perhaps also shocked by Bear’s outburst of violence, as he just shared on May 28 an Instagram video of Bear patiently enduring a torrent of pestering from Brand’s cat Marmalade’s kittens as he dined from a bowl. When one kitten startled him by swatting the dog’s tail, Bear jolted, but no retaliation came. As one Instagram user noted, “Aww he even checked on the one he trod on! What a beautiful soul.”

A Mirror reader was far more critical of the canine’s recent actions. “I would be seriously concerned if I was in his position some classes as a dangerous dog killing an animal what next attacking a child or an adult,” the commenter wrote. As with any large pet, some bonus training can only help!


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