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Sadie Robertson Complains About Her ‘Disgusting’ Start To 2022

Sadie Robertson Huff did not start 2022 on a good foot. The “Duck Dynasty” star took to Instagram to explain to fans why she had such a weird start to the year. In the caption, Sadie shared that 2022 was “quite interesting,” explaining that she would share more on her blog — but she did shed a little light. “It started off by me getting FLURONA (flu + covid) (yikes) so obviously I was so bummed to miss passion but I was so thankful that God gave me the strength to still preach my message to an empty room despite being so sick,” she wrote.

And if that wasn’t bad enough, there’s more! “Then as we were on our way home from ATL we got a call that we have a couple of rats invading our home and those little guys are doing some workkk,” she added, stating that they would not be able to go back to their home for another few days. Sadie said that, while the family has been “floating around” quite a bit, they are still trying to make the best of the situation. “P.s. I’m sad to say ratatouille the movie hits different now,” she added. 

The star also shared an adorable video of her daughter, Honey Huff, and her husband, Christian Huff, outside of a glass window. The two were all smiles, but despite a bummer start to the year, at least those three still have each other!


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