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Sarah Ferguson Claims Princess Diana Would Have ‘Loved’ Sons’ Wives

Sarah Ferguson has recently chimed in what she thinks Princess Diana would’ve thought of Prince Harry’s wife, Meghan Markle. While doing an Italian talk show, the Duchess of York pointed out that Diana would be beaming right now, knowing both her sons are madly in love and madly in love with women who adore them right back and seemingly bring out the best in them. In a year awash in royal stories, it is actually one of the sweeter ones.

The Princess Diaries

The reality is no one can know what Diana would have thought of Meghan Markle’s relationship with Harry, as the princess sadly passed away tragically in 1997. But Fergie took to the Italian talk show Porta A Porta this week and gave her thoughts about how Diana would feel about the pair. From People “The most important thing—and I know Diana, if she were here, would say that—is they are happy.”

She also goes on to point out that the image of the young boy sobbing at his mother’s public funeral in 1997 has now been replaced by the strong image of a couple smiling, side by side, and stronger than ever. It strikes up a lovely mental imagery and shows how far Harry has come since the loss.

Love is Eternal

Fergie also went on to talk about how much Diana adored Fergie’s kids and how seeing Harry’s children would be “heaven for her”. She also mixed no words when pointing out that if princess Di was there with them, she would proudly declare “I am so proud of both my sons and the wonderful wives they have chosen.”

It surprises no one that Diana would be supportive of her sons, as she always prioritized them in her life. But it’s still a heartwarming story and reminds us why Diana was so beloved in the first place.

Because she was just a genuine, warm soul who simply wanted the very best for all those around her.

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