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Saucy Santana is Sickening and Sickened on ‘I’m Too Much’ – Yostrive

The flossy Florida rapper says broke boys make him vomit

Saucy Santana is capping his booked-and-busy summer with “I’m Too Much,” a high-energy braggadocious track that embraces everything that makes him extra — and extra fun to listen to. The song is littered with sharp quips at his haters like “I’m Saucy, stay flossing/I got something you ain’t got — options!” and “I’m the big budget, iconic/You a broke boy/I vomit” (complete with ad-libbed gagging). After the second of several quick and lethal verses, an electrifying saxophone break takes the track to a new level. 

Santana premiered “I’m Too Much” during the pre-show of the MTV Video Music Awards last weekend, clad in a black lace bodysuit and dripping in regal gold. This summer, he’s also taken on Fallon, performed with Madonna during New York City’s Pride Month celebrations, and announced tour dates supporting Lizzo. He also released “Booty,” featuring Latto, a frequent collaborator. “I’m Too Much,” folds in a quick callback to Latto’s “Big Energy,” too. 

“I’m Too Much,” is in the same lineage of good-time, bad bitch raps as “Booty” and “Big Energy. In Spring, Santana, who grew up listening to artists like fellow Floridians Trina and Jacki-O told Yostrive, “I control the type of music I put out and when I’m putting it out. And it has actually helped me become a hard worker because I have more to prove.”


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