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Score Custom Designed Fashion Pieces From This Amazon Experience

Amazon’s “The Drop” is the thing you didn’t know you needed for your summer style collection. But we’re pretty sure you’ll be obsessed.

What is “The Drop”? If you aren’t already familiar with it, it’s an Amazon feature that the online retail giant announced in 2019. It’s a development that undoubtedly emerged—at least partially—from the rise in online shopping over the years. With the rapid acceleration of this online spending trend, unique options like “The Drop” are all the more perfect for our closets and wallets.

How ‘The Drop’ Works

“The Drop” gives influencers around the world an opportunity to design their own collections. The collections are limited-edition and tend to be around nine to thirteen pieces each. A new collection launches around every two to three weeks.

To create the collections, influencers come up with ideas, designs and styles. Then, they take their creations to the in-house Amazon fashion team who works with each influencer to flesh out the collection and create dazzling, unique pieces.

Once a collection hits Amazon’s website, shoppers have just 30 hours to buy from the street style-inspired collections. After that, it disappears forever.

How To Get In On ‘The Drop’

So, how do you make sure you don’t miss out on the awesome collections? First off, be sure to sign up for their text alerts. That’s how you’ll know a collection has hit the “shelves.” You can also sign up for email notifications if you prefer. 

Once Amazon drops a collection, just make sure you hustle and make your choice ASAP before all of the cute pieces vanish for good.

‘The Drop’ Staples: Fashion Finds That Won’t Expire

We’re happy to say that not all of “The Drop” items expire within the 30-hour window. They do have a “staples” that is available to shoppers at all time. “Staples” by “The Drop” does not disappoint on offering cute, classy, must-have additions to your closet. 

Recent ‘The Drop’ Collections

“The Drop’s” most recent collection was designed by @signedblake, an attorney and content creator from Chicago. It was actually a relaunch of a very popular previous “Drop” she had. Her designs are always gorgeous, stylish and striking, so keep an eye out for any future launches she does!

German-Russian beauty/lifestyle/fashion guru @olesjaswelt also just had a lovely, feminine collection. It’s one of many collections that are perfect for summer!

Upcoming ‘The Drop’ Collections

Amazon has some great upcoming collections lineup for ‘The Drop.’ Here are the soon-to-be-launched designers:

Karen Blanchard, Fashion YouTuber

Karen Blanchard is a Brit living in NYC who is all about finding and owning your own style. Her blog, WHERE DID U GET THAT, has got all kinds of great lifestyle and fashion content. Her style is unafraid and very much her own, and we can’t wait to see what she’s come up with for her collection!

Brooke & Meggan, Lifestyle/Fashion Bloggers

Brooke and Meggan are longtime friends who co-run Somewhere, Lately, a fashion and lifestyle blog where they share their “love of style, beauty and all things cool.” They stay up—and help us stay up—on the latest styles and best products. We love this duo and everything they have to offer—and we’re guessing their collection will be no exception.

Amy Jackson, Fashion Blogger

Amy Jackson offers all things lifestyle and fashion, including “daily outfits, beauty, fitness, product reviews & home decor.” She keeps things pretty simple and sophisticated when it comes to style. Think lots of light-blue denim, black, white, grey and all shades of nude, tan and beige. Chic and effortless are two perfect words to describe her personal style, and we’re guessing that will be the vibe of her upcoming collection.

Tennille Murphy, Effortless Sustainable Living / Interior Designer / Self-Care Guru

Tennille Murphy is one of a kind—and we are here for it. She’s instantly memorable from her luscious, gorgeous head of silver hair. Her looks range from playful and spunky to classic and elegant. We have no idea which direction she’ll go in for her collection, but we’re sure that it’ll be worth checking out!

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