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Scott Disick Posts Nearly Nude Photo Of Teen Girlfriend, See The Whole Photoshoot Here

Scott Disick has taken a lot of flak for his dating preferences in the past because of his habit of dating young women who are still in their teens, but the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star refuses to give in to his critics. In fact, the 38-year-old father of three has flaunted his 19-year-old girlfriend, Amelia Hamlin, on his Instagram Stories, showing the teenaged model off in next to nothing. 

Scott Disick’s Raunchy Photoshoot With Girlfriend Amelia Hamlin

Scott Disick recently shared a very cheeky photo of his girlfriend Amelia Hamlin to Instagram Stories. Amelia, who turns 20 on Sunday, was facing away from Disick in the photo, with one arm stretched out over her head as she seemingly reached for something high on the bookshelf in front of her. 

The picture would have been totally innocent, if it weren’t for the fact that Amelia was clad in only a pair of flesh-toned bra and thong underwear. Photographed from behind as she was, Amelia looks like she’s totally naked. Disick apparently appreciated the view and captioned the photo, “A little higher, almost there.” 

Obviously Hamlin didn’t mind her boyfriend of a few months sharing the intimate snap, since she shared her own photos of the photoshoot to her own Instagram account. The only difference between the two different sets of photos was the angle. In Amelia’s pictures, she was photographed exclusively from the front, which provided just as good of a view as the rear shot did. It must be handy for the model to have a boyfriend who doesn’t mind playing photographer. 

The Two’s Relationship Has Already Stirred Controversy

The two’s relationship has stirred up quite a bit of controversy since the two first began dating late last year. Amelia is the daughter of actor Harry Hamlin and Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Lisa Rinna and early tabloid reports indicated that her famous parents were more than a little uncomfortable with their daughter dating a man nearly twice her age. 

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In fact, Star reported last year that Hamlin’s parents were “disgusted” by Disick dating their teen daughter. On the contrary, both Rinna and Harry were supportive of their daughter’s relationship, with sources telling E! News that the pair believed the romance was just a “phase” that Amelia would eventually leave behind. Another tabloid, OK!, claimed Rinna was staging an intervention in order to get Amelia away from Disick, but that claim was also false. Rinna is aware that her daughter is an adult and trusts her to make important decisions on her own, including decisions about romances.

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