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‘Sleeping Bag’ Shoes Might Be More Controversial Than Crocs

When it comes to fashion, I’ve always been one who chooses comfort over style. In the rare cases that you find an item that has both of those qualities, I believe in immediately buying whatever it is in every color option available.

So when I heard about these so-called “sleeping gag shoes” on social media, I had to do some investigating.

Are they cute, stylish, and comfortable? If so, I’m in.

What Are Sleeping Bag Shoes?

What has been dubbed “sleeping bag shoes” by social media are actually known as the Teva ReEmber.

It’s a quilted slip-on moccasin made from 100 percent recycled ripstop, rib knit, and microfiber. That may sound innocent enough. But honestly, these shoes are definitely a look.

The shoe’s upper section looks like tiny quilts for your feet, which are sewn around a rubber outsole and PU footbed cushions. The back of the shoe folds down on purpose so you can transform them into slippers. Seriously, I love that feature so much.

This Is A Divisive Product

According to a poll conducted by InStyle, these shoes are as divisive as any current political issue.

When asked if these shoes were “ugly or good,” 51% of respondents said they were ugly and 49% said they were good. Are we really this divided as a country on absolutely every issue?

Apparently so. Just look at the comments.

“These are the most comfortable and amazing shoes I’ve ever owned in my life,” wrote one fan. While a critic added, “These look like sleeping bags for children’s feet and they make me want to vomit.”

Where To Buy

The Teva ReEmbers are available on the Teva website. You can also find them at DSW, Zappos, and REI. No matter which site you go to, they will set you back $75 plus tax and shipping.

There are numerous on-trend colors to choose from—I recommend trooper (blue/gray), dark shadow (charcoal gray), and total eclipse (navy blue). Other color options include birch (off-white), honey gold, olive, black, and aragon.

For me, these shoes are in the “so ugly they’re cute” category. But I could be biased because they are so darn comfortable. Not to mention, they’re great for my work-from-home lifestyle.

If you can’t get past the aesthetic, then these sleeping bag shoes aren’t for you. However, if your feet need a warm, cozy hug, don’t be afraid to try this quilted outerwear treasure.


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