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Take a Tour of ‘the Watcher’ House in Clever Teaser for Netflix Limited Series – Yostrive

Jennifer Coolidge walks viewers through 657 Boulevard, the site of the viral true-life horror story

Netflix has taken an HGTV approach to its next horror series with a virtual tour of the $3 million house on 657 Boulevard, otherwise known as the home stalked by The Watcher.

The White Lotus’ Jennifer Coolidge stars as real estate agent Karen Calhoun in the house tour, showcasing the can’t-miss four-bedroom property. However, what’s unmentioned in the ad is that the house — like the viral true-life saga about a New Jersey home that inspired the series — is tracked by a voyeur dubbed “The Watcher,” which also gives the Ryan Murphy-produced series its title.

The teaser only touches on its darker subject matter when Coolidge’s real estate agent ventures up to the master bedroom and gazes out its large windows. “You can actually look out and see everything that’s going on in the town,” she says.

“But you wanna keep the curtains closed… You know, there’s a lot of weird neighbors and stuff out there, so… you don’t want them watching you. That’s for sure.” 

Although 657 Boulevard is the actual address of the real-life stigmatized property, The Watcher puts a fictional spin on the still-unsolved mystery, with Bobby Cannavale and Naomi Watts starring as the Brannocks, a couple who purchase the New Jersey dream house, only to receive threatening letters demanding the blood of their children and other spooky stuff. 

“Their icy welcome quickly turns into a full-blown living hell when ominous letters from someone calling themself “The Watcher” start arriving, terrorizing the Brannocks to their breaking point as the neighborhood’s sinister secrets come spilling out,” Netflix said of the series.

The limited series — which also stars Coolidge, Mia Farrow, Margo Martindale, Terry Kinney, Joe Mantello, Richard Kind, and more — arrives on Netflix this fall. Until then, browse the (fake) Watcher house’s just-posted Zillow page.


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