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Thanks Balenciaga, The Internet Is Losing Its Mind Over Stiletto Crocs

Any trend that involves the word “Crocs” is pretty much always suspect to me. 

Are they comfy? Sure. Are they practical? Of course. Convenient? Yep. Handy for gardening? You bet. But fashionable? I just don’t buy it—and certainly won’t be buying them.

Apparently, though, I’m behind the curve on the Croc front. Croc purchases surged during the pandemic. They’ve increasingly appeared in the Instagram feeds of influencers and style-savvy youths. Celebrities including Justin Bieber, Post Malone and Bad Bunny have announced collaborations with Crocs. Shares in the company hit an all-time high in early June, demonstrating just how significant their rise in popularity has been.

It’s hard to know what inspired their rise in trendiness, and it’s also difficult to tell how long they’ll live in the spotlight. But for now, skeptics like me will have to accept their presence in our lives, while Croc-lovers can rejoice.

If the Croc trend wasn’t enough already, there’s a new trend on the horizon: Stiletto Crocs. Yep, you heard that right—Stiletto. Crocs. 

It’s All Because Of Balenciaga

Balenciaga, the luxury fashion house based in Paris, has unveiled their Spring 2022 Collection. One of highlights is their collaboration with Crocs: the Stiletto Croc. Which, btw, is literally just a classic Croc clog with a narrow heel added on.


It may surprise some to discover that this isn’t even the first collaboration that Balenciaga and Crocs have done. Back in 2018, they debuted $850 platform clogs that sold out in a heartbeat. They even made it onto “hottest product” lists that year.

Image of black platform Crocs with embellishments by Balenciaga.

After the success of the 2018 platform Croc, it’s no surprise that Balenciaga and Crocs would try a take-two. But that didn’t stop the internet from losing its mind over the arguably disturbing piece of footwear. 

Twitter Reacts

Twitter reactions ranged from, “This an actual nightmare. #fail I love a good cross-over but this is insanity,” to, “Is this a belated April fools joke?” It’s clear the internet isn’t loving the trend.

When It’s All Said And Done

There is almost certainly someone in the world who is dying to get their hands on a pair of stiletto crocs, but I seriously doubt stiletto crocs will begin to sweep the nation. So how about we just let Crocs be Crocs and stilettos be stilettos?

Whatever your feelings are about Crocs, whether platformed, heeled or classic, you’ve gotta give it to Balenciaga for keeping us on our toes (pun intended). 

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