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The Best Indulgent Spa Gifts To Pamper Your Loved Ones This Holiday Season

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If someone on your holiday shopping list this season loves high-quality skincare products, then look no further. Spongellé is an innovative company that specializes in creating self-care products using patented technology to create unique body wash-infused buffers.

Spongellé offers a blend of high-quality moisturizers, botanicals, sea minerals, antioxidants, and anti-aging ingredients that are dispensed through their multi-use body wash-infused buffers.

This season, you can ditch the traditionally packed skincare gift baskets and opt for this effective four-in-one product that eliminates the need for a bottle of body wash, a loofah, an exfoliator, and a moisturizer.

There truly is a gift for everyone on your list from Spongellé–you’ll find a variety of buffers, diffusers, and lotions that are vegan-friendly and cruelty-free. No matter which item you choose, the gift recipient will get an “all-around happy shower experience” that they will enjoy. Here are 12 gift ideas from Spongellé that are both high-quality and budget-friendly.

This dreamy body buffer set is packaged as holiday ornaments, making it a perfect gift this holiday season. The Wish Upon A Star Holiday Gift Set comes with two fragrances of built-in body wash—Lychee Ice and Vanilla Bloom.

Simply place the body wash-infused buffer under running water to unleash the creamy Spongellé fragrance for a refreshing, cleansing experience. When you’re finished, all you have to do is rinse and squeeze out excess water.

The buffers will cleanse, exfoliate, massage, and nourish your skin. The ones in the Wish Upon A Star Holiday Gift Set are good for at least five uses. These sponges have a chic, hanging ribbon design that is great for travel.

From the Spongellé Floret Collection comes the Blue Iris Diffuser, which features a custom hand-blown glass vase and a hand-sewn floret made of natural tapioca fiber. This fantastic gift idea has a time-released fragrance that lingers for as long as eight weeks.

Each floret in this collection has a cotton wick to infuse the flower when it’s placed in diffuser oil. The fragrance notes of this oil—which comes in an 8 oz. bottle—include citrus, dewy greens, soft gardenia, sweet coconut, and amber.

After the floret blooms and the fragrance dissipates, you can replace it with a new flower and a new fragrance.

The Spongellé Spiritual Detox Buffer has a built-in body wash that will “wash away negativity” and give you focus. Made from ashwagandha root extract, this buffer comes with a lapis lazuli chakra stone for meditation and cleansing. The stone cleanses the throat chakra, which governs our ability “to express and communicate clearly with truth, maturity, and independence.”

This buffer will last for at least 22 washes, and it will cleanse, buff, detox, and renew your skin every time you use it. The time-released lather of this all-in-one beauty treatment will relieve dryness and lock in moisture.

We can’t be more in love with the Radiant Amber Body Soufflé. This is a whipped body soufflé that is formulated to condition and soften the skin, while adding a layer of fragrance and adding a subtle glow.

It’s the perfect combination of nourishing vitamin E and moisturizing shea butter, plus a touch of shimmer that leaves the skin radiant and hydrated from neck to toe.

The Tuberose Body Buffer is part of the Spongellé Spongology Shower With Nature Collection—an eco-friendly line that caters to sustainable customers. If that sounds like someone in your life, then the Tuberose Body Buffer is a great gift idea.

This body-wash infused buffer is made with skin-softening natural ingredients—essential oil fragrance blends and extracts of rosehip, green tea, and hibiscus. This all-in-one beauty treatment will cleanse, exfoliate, massage, and tone the skin for at least 20 uses.

Fragrance notes include lemon, mandarin, ginger, coconut, amber, vanilla, and cashmere woods.

If you have someone in your life that loves the smell of lavender, then the gift of Spongellé French Lavender Hand Cream will be a big hit. Infused with their signature scents and patented Salsphere® ingredients, this cream soothes, nourishes, and hydrates hands like no other.

The French Lavender Hand Cream’s moisturizing formula is enriched with hyaluronic acid, shea butter, argan, and macadamia seed oils. It has a fantastic texture to it. It’s not sticky, and there’s never any excess to wipe off. The lavender fragrance is not too overpowering, either. It smells exactly as it should–like a field of lavender.

Spongellé also has great gift ideas for the men in your life, like their Mini Men’s 12+ Assorted Buffer Pack. It’s the convenient, small travel-size option of their regular men’s buffers, and the pack includes three men’s fragrances.

Formulated with moisturizing cocoa butter, nourishing shea butter, and vitamin A enriched mango butter, this moisture-boosting triple butter body wash is a shower game changer. It’s an all-in-one treatment that will cleanse, scrub, and hydrate. And this special gift pack is good for at least 12 washes.

Give the gift of pampered feet with the Beach Grass Pedi-Buffer that will give professional pedicure results at home. The triple-action Pedi-Buffer will cleanse and massage your feet while buffing away dry soles.

The soothing texturized polisher and moisturizing cleanser are infused with a fragrance that smells like a beachside resort. Or as Spongellé puts it, “A pedicure overlooking the shore.”

The Pedi-Buffer uses peppermint extract and sea kelp to cleanse, buff, and polish tired and achy feet, and it’s good for at least 30 washes. It’s simple to use, and it will keep feet “soft, clean, and sandal-ready all-year long.”

The Sugar Dahlia Body Lotion now comes in the new Spongellé compact bottle, but it still gets more than 100 pumps. Made with the perfect combination of shea butter, argan oil, avocado oil, and vitamin E, this lotion will leave you feeling pampered all day and all night.

With fragrance notes of citrus, midnight jasmine, ylang-ylang, freesia, and musk, this lotion is a fantastic addition to your after-shower routine. And it can be used with a Spongellé body wash infused buffer for a finishing touch.

Spongellé’s Botanica Candle in Rose is hand-poured in Los Angeles, and it comes in chic gift box packaging. This 100 percent soy wax candle will burn up to 50 hours, and features one of their signature fragrances “inspired by the calming beauty of nature.” This candle is part of the Botanica Candle Collection that also features Lavender, Petitgrain, and Tobacco Flower.

Made with a “luxe, smoldering wooden wick that flickers with light and sound akin to a wood-burning fire,” this rose candle will fill a room with notes of sparkling citrus, Turkish rose, and jasmine.

Part of the Spongellé Private Reserve Collection, the limited edition Black Orchid Boxed Flower is “equal parts bath sponge and body buffer” with a dose of “black magic.” These little sponges will change the way you bathe, and they’ll leave you feeling cleaner and smelling fresh.

The Black Orchid sponge is an all-in-one beauty treatment that is good for a minimum of 14 uses. Made with edelweiss extract, yuzu extract, and vetiver root extract, this luxurious bathing indulgence is non-toxic and paraben-free. Give the gift of thick, creamy suds this year for a bathing experience unlike any other.

One of the newest products from Spongellé is their Coconut Verbena Body Wash. This luxurious, creamy shower gel pairs well with a body buffer for a nice gift set that will deliver a moisturizing cleanse and nourish overall skin health.

The body wash comes in a unique bottle with a pump. And with the recommended three to five pumps per shower, this bottle will last at least 70 washes.

Formulated with Fision® Hydrate Pro and made for all skin types, the Coconut Verbena Body Wash includes glycerin as a humectant to retain moisture and relieve dry skin. It also has amino acids that will moisturize and restore the skin for up to 48 hours after one single application.


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