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The Hysterical Way Will Smith Just Embarrassed Himself In Front Of The Miami Dolphins

Will Smith doesn’t get enough credit for his imposing stature — perhaps it’s because his personality and comedy are already so abundant. Regardless of such, the actor decided to take his “swole goals” to the next level in training with the Miami Dolphins. However, sharing a video on Instagram, his warmup routine didn’t go exactly as planned.

In the video, Smith is seen rolling out his right arm, while the caption states, “They said to relax ALL my muscles.” Maybe he took that too seriously because, in the process of doing such, Smith unleashed a gargantuan wind that left the room bursting with laughter. A visibly and audibly embarrassed Smith laughed it off and apologized with a resounding, “Excuse me.” The video’s caption notes that, “training with the Miami Dolphins was going great… until that morning coffee snuck up on me.”

Over the course of the pandemic, Smith has undergone a drastic body transformation. In May 2021, Smith shared a picture on Instagram showing off a slight weight gain, saying, “I’m gonna be real wit yall – I’m in the worst shape of my life.” In the following months, Smith would go on to hit the gym and get back into incredible shape, as evidenced by his “#bestshapeofmylife” posts on Instagram.


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