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The Most Arrogant Politicians

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell was called one of “The Most Influential People” in the world by Time in both 2015 and 2019. He’s also been called “a nasty, arrogant man with the mindset and beliefs of a 19th Century plantation owner” by The New Jersey Globe. Or, as Washington Monthly once wrote, “McConnell defines ‘arrogance.'” In the accompanying editorial for the Kentucky senator’s 2015 Time listing, John Boehner gushed, “Mitch McConnell’s mind is a marvelous machine. He sees the whole field, instantly assessing opportunities and perils.” 

Boehner went on to state, “He loves America and our Constitution. He shares Ronald Reagan’s vision of our country as a special place, blessed by God — a ‘shining city on a hill’ — and he works every single day, step by step, to get us closer to realizing that vision.” However, “Embedded” podcast host Kelly McEvers claims the career politician places his own goals and thirst for power over the public’s well-being.

“Winning is very important to Mitch McConnell,” McEvers, whose “team spent months reporting on [McConnell],” told NPR. “His critics would say that this means, you know, he’s less concerned about specific policies or signature pieces of legislation, but rather tactics that will keep him in power.” And McConnell’s constitutional “love” was nowhere to be seen when he threatened corporations they would face “serious consequences” if they publicly opposed Republican ideologies, per Vox. Free speech, schmee schmeech. 


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