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The Real Reason Carole Baskin Refused To Sign Away The Rights To Her Story

Carole Baskin, who will be played by Kate McKinnon (pictured above) in the upcoming limited series, stated in a recent interview with Metro that she was approached by members of the new adaptation’s creative team about its development. “The people at Wondery [from the original podcast series] came out to me and said they’re going to do a scripted series with Kate McKinnon, and they asked me if I’d sign over my life’s rights to it,” Baskin recounted, an offer which she ultimately turned down. 

Per Baskin, the reasons were twofold. Her refusal stemmed from the negative reception she first encountered following the release of the “Tiger King” docuseries in 2020, as well as the fact that her “life isn’t done yet.” She said to Metro, “I said, ‘No, my life isn’t done yet, when I get done, when I fix this problem, then maybe I’ll sign my life rights over but not until then.'”

To wit, Baskin has a lot on her plate. In addition to running her Big Cat Rescue and making appearances on shows like “Dancing With the Stars,” she’s set to appear on a new short television series set to premiere on the U.K. network ITV. Per a recent interview Baskin gave on BBC Radio 1 (via NME), the show will be about “going after the bad guys and bringing them to justice,” ostensibly within the sphere of animal rights activism.


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