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The Truth About Adam Sandler’s Daughters

When Sadie Sandler came of age according to Jewish tradition, she got to celebrate her bat mitzvah. And as you’d expect, it was a party to remember. The most memorable feature? Adam Levine and Maroon 5 guitarist James Valentine performed a set — so, not your average bat mitzvah, then. “This might have not been something I would’ve had the time to do had I not just, literally just left ‘The Voice,’ so I had all this free time, and so he texted me, and like, ‘s***, like why not? This sounds great! Me and my wife will come, it’ll be awesome,'” Levine explained on “The Howard Stern Show.”

And then there was the guest list. Valentine described how Adam Sandler was very welcoming towards him during the event, and tried to get him to mingle with some of the more famous attendees: “He was so cool. He was so nice to me, you do those things, a lot of times people y’know are just talking to Adam and sort of ignoring me. He introduced me to like Dustin Hoffman and Kevin Nealon, it was awesome,” he told Stern. Conan O’Brien was also invited, and he sounds like he had a pretty great time, too. “It was really fun, because I got to see Chris Rock, David Spade wearing yarmulkes,” he said on his own show, “Conan.” So Adam Sandler isn’t just good at acting, then; he’s also a fantastic host. We’ll be waiting patiently for our invite.


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