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This Controversial ’90s Trend Is Making A Comeback

The ‘90s have returned.

Okay, maybe not the whole decade. But it’s evident that many aspects of our past are coming back to grace—or haunt—us, depending on your perspective.

Some returning ‘90s trends are being widely embraced all over again. Claw clips, for example, appear to be low on the controversy scale, and many of us have happily added them back into our hairstyle rotation.

Other returning ‘90s trends have stirred up a little—or a lot—more controversy. Platform shoes, for example, seem to create some division. Chunky highlights are another love-it-or-hate-it revived fad. Fanny packs are adored by some and derided by others. 

Another controversial ‘90s/early 2000s fad that’s making a comeback is the dress-over-pants look. 

The Return Of The Dress-Over-Pants Trend

You might have thought this odd style choice was gone forever. I sure did. I can recall rocking it myself many years ago, only to look back at photographs later on and wonder what in the world I was thinking. Yet, apparently, some among us thought it was a good idea to bring it back into 202. 

So, who’s responsible for this atrocity? Quite a few folks, actually—including fashion designers and social media influencers.

In Louis Vuitton’s fall 2021 collection, there were a variety of dress-like, tunic layers over pants seen on the runway. Fendi showcased some similar designs in their 2021 collection. And Rosetta Getty also included some dresses-over-pants looks in her 2021 collection.

High-end designers aren’t the only ones seizing this trend opportunity. More than a couple influencers have been seen sporting the look.

Alina Keller boldly wore a red dress over jeans paired with white, heeled boots.

Kawana creatively rocked a long shirt dress over jeans, leaving the bottom open to create a unique and striking look.

Sarah Chuck managed to pull off this unusual combo of a patterned orange dress over frayed jeans, convincing even the biggest skeptic that this whole trend might actually be something good.

Anne Johannsen showed off this (mostly) monochromatic outfit choice. It featured lots of blue and, of course, a dress over pants. More power to ya, Anne.

Whether or not you’re convinced that a dress over pants is a great or terrible style choice, you have to admit that people are finding creative ways to own it.

By including personal style and allure, these new twists on the trend are making it very 2021-esqu. That’s way better than feeling like we’re stuck in a past we never wanted to return to.


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