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This Waist Illusion Dress Is Confusing The Internet

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Another dress has gone viral on social media, but it’s not mesmerizing viewers because of a debate over color. This time, it’s a waist illusion dress. And the comments prove that viewers can’t wrap their mind around the concept.

In a video posted by @Xojemian, TikTok user Jem tries on said waist illusion dress, seemingly reducing her waist size by a number of inches. As one follower wrote, “Girl, it looked like you almost cut yourself in half for a second.” To which the creator responded, “Looks like my organs were tied together, so trippy.”

The Dress Details

The waist illusion dress in the video is actually called the “Brush Stroke Print Tie Waist Bodycon Dress” from Joyfunear and retails for just under $30.

The design is a multicolored, belted, tie-dyed dress with a slim fit, a scoop neck, and a pencil skirt. It’s made with a stretchy fabric that is 95% polyester and 5% percent spandex. When you tie the belt in a certain way, the dress appears to trim inches off the waistline.

According to Joyfunear, they’ve “always believed that fashion plays an important role in helping women gain confidence and charm.” The company hopes to bring their customers “joy and happiness” through their designs.

What People Are Saying

In response to the TikTok video, many viewers admitted that they couldn’t comprehend what they saw. One wrote, “I am not high or drunk and my brain can’t comprehend.” Another added, “My brain just bluescreened.” A third shared, “I can’t stop watching this, I”m soooo confused.”

One follower pointed out that the illusion came from the fact that the model was standing in front of a black background. But what really plays with the brain is when the belt is tightened, the vertical lines on the dress are pulled inward and appear to curve.

The Reviews Are Fantastic

People who have actually purchased the dress have also chimed in with their thoughts. Apparently, this dress is a great purchase and it looks even better in person.”

“Omg this is so cute, makes my booty look good and I LOVE IT. I’m 5’2 and weigh about 160 pounds and size medium fit perfectly,” one satisfied customer wrote.

Another added, “I can’t with this dress! In person the material is way better. I’m not joking. I have no reason to lie. This dress is way prettier in person. Don’t miss out! (:”

A third happy customer shared, “I don’t have the hips, bust line that the model does so this actually comes closer to my ankles which I love. Love the print and material is soft. The tie can be tied a few different ways. I love this dress!”


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