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Twitter Users Call Demi Lovato ‘Hypocritical’ After Singer Seemingly Promotes ‘Diet Culture’

Demi Lovato’s rant against a frozen yogurt shop’s supposed contribution to “diet culture” has come back to haunt the singer, who’s now been accused of doing the same thing. Lovato has come under fire from some social media users after their appearance at the iHeartRadio Music Awards last week. The online chatter grew so bad that Lovato’s rep eventually released a statement to address it. 

The widely publicized beef between Demi Lovato and The Bigg Chill, an LA-based frozen yogurt shop may have come to a conclusion, but the dust-up hasn’t been far from some people’s minds. Lovato criticized the frozen eatery for its display of sugar and gluten-free treats, which were labeled “guilt-free.” Lovato insisted that this was proof of the shop’s participation in “diet culture,” which they partly blamed for their struggles with eating disorders. 

After being criticized themself for essentially abusing their fame and large audience to shame a business, Lovato backed off their remarks and eventually apologized for “getting the messaging wrong.” They also claimed to have given the business a $100,000 donation, but the store denied ever receiving the funds and insisted that the singer’s team had never contacted them. That scandal is in the news again this week after Lovato seemingly made her own inadvertent promotion of diet culture. 

The “Sorry Not Sorry” singer was spotted holding a Dr. Pepper Zero Sugar-branded microphone during an interview for the iHeartRadio Music Awards, which promptly sparked backlash online. Lovato identifies as non-binary and uses they/them pronouns, a fact that some of these commentators blatantly disregarded. 

Reactions On Twitter Weren’t Complimentary

“Oh the irony,” one person wrote on Twitter, “holding a microphone with Dr Pepper zero logo after she tried to destroy a frozen yogurt place for having sugar free options.” There were many others who tweeted out similar opinions, essentially calling Lovato a hypocrite. 

Almost a week after the awards show aired, Lovato’s rep released a statement about the scandal. “Demi was doing a promotional stop for the awards show as a good partner to iHeart,” the rep explained to PageSix, proving Lovato had no real say over the backdrop or microphone designs.

As for this latest controversy’s connection to last month’s, the rep was clearly eager to leave the past in the past. “They’ve apologized for comments made weeks ago and have moved on to focus on their cause work in the area of eating disorder awareness and Pride.” Despite Lovato’s commitment to leaving The Bigg Chill scandal in the past, it certainly has a way of coming back to haunt her.

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