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“Unless you are dead or at war, you have no excuse not to be a responsible father”

In the spirit of the Father’s Day celebration, notable screen diva, Toke Makinwa, emphasizes that men do not have an excuse to be deadbeat fathers.

According to the OAP, the only men who are excluded from the responsibility of their children are those who are probably on the war front fighting for their nation or those who are in the grave already.

In a series of tweets via Toke Makinwa’s Twitter page, she wrote;

“Happy Father’s Day to every man that not only answers to the title “Dad” but truly puts in the work to be called a Father. Your strength, dedication, drive and everything you give makes you even more amazing.

Enjoy your day ❤️ No respect for deadbeat or absentee Fathers (well unless you in the grave or at war), you have zero excuse, if you ain’t ready to father a child pls strap up and stop letting yourself down. The world needs more wholesome children, do the right thing.Happy Father’s Day to the true super heroes who are raising kids that aren’t even theirs.

You all will make heaven, thank you for stepping up and standing in, you are doing the Lord’s work and your life is blessed ❤️Happy Father’s Day to the Fathers to be, the future kings and first loves. It’s on the way xx”

"Unless you are dead or at war, you have no excuse not to be a responsible father" - Toke Makinwa


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