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Valverde and Asensio with revealing celebrations

The best thing about Fede Valverdeis his celebrations. They are as exciting, if not more so, than his runs or his goals.

We’ve seen him pound the turf at Mestalla, hit a post in a comeback and, as against Leipzig, scream like a madman until he’s breathless. He is pure passion, pure Real Madrid.

That’s why he engages with people so much. And because he is a great player. Right now, along with Vinicius, he’s been Real Madrid‘s best player this season.

Asensio‘s celebration was the opposite of what Valverde did. He’s always lacked rebelliousness. Or a little bit of Fede’s grit.

It was cold, shy, he never raised his head, perhaps apologising for his anger the other day, but also a little melancholic.

The goals were Madrid’s highlights on a grey day, because Los Blancos were bad against Leipzig.

Weak, without ideas, imprecise…. As bad as the pitch, which was also not up to scratch.

Fede Valverde already a boss at Real Madrid

The Uruguayan was once again Real Madrid’s best player. He led the team from the right, then from midfield and gave his team the win with a goal full of power and quality.

He joined Vinicius’ counter-attack like a thunderbolt, and finished with his left foot in the style of Messi. Right now Real Madrid are Fede and ten others.

Valverde and Asensio with revealing celebrations

Confirmed: The pitch is in very bad shape

The Estadio Santiago Bernabeu pitch is going from bad to worse. Last Sunday against Mallorca it didn’t look good and against Leipzig, far from improving, it worsened.

Pablo Polo was pointed to a possible problem with the boards, which might reduce the nutrients needed to keep the grass in perfect condition.

A small toll to pay for the work on the stadium, and it will soon be rectified. However, against RB Leipzig, the state of the pitch was detrimental to Real Madrid’s start to the game.

Valverde and Asensio with revealing celebrations

No shots in the first half

Real Madrid were not at their best in the first half and a section of the crowd let the team know it with timid whistles. The fans are not forgiving, they know when to get into comeback mode and when to put their own players under pressure.

Against RB Leipzig the feeling was that the players could have given more. Ancelotti, too, was angry on the bench. At half-time, zero shots on target. A statistic that speaks volumes.

Valverde and Asensio with revealing celebrations

Nkunku introduced to the Bernabeu

His name is being bandied about in the Bernabeu offices as one of the young players who could strengthen the team. We are talking about Nkunku, who left a great impression at the Santiago Bernabeu.

The Frenchman was a headache for Rudiger and Nacho. Quick, incisive, intelligent when it comes to his movement…. With a 60 million clause, his days at Leipzig are numbered.

Valverde and Asensio with revealing celebrations

Camavinga is in the mood

There are players who stand out in their team and this is the case of Eduardo Camavinga, who, whatever he does, gets the plaudits.

There is a desire to see the Frenchman in the starting XI and Ancelotti knows it, although he is controlling his appearances in the team.

Against RB Leipzig he was one of the better players in the first half. He has everything needed to be a focal point for Madrid for many years to come.

Valverde and Asensio with revealing celebrations

How good is Nacho!

Nacho, who no matter how much or how little he plays, always does well. Against RB Leipzig he was impeccable, better than Rudiger, who wasn’t bad either. But Nacho is a vital player for Real Madrid who deserves far more minutes than he gets.


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