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Vanna White Allegedly ‘Fed Up’ With ‘Wheel Of Fortune,’ Demanding $5 Million Pay Raise, Anonymous Source Says

Is Vanna White demanding a $5 million pay raise? One tabloid claims White wants to make just as much as Pat Sajak. Here’s what we know about White’s future on Wheel of Fortune.

‘Fed-Up’ Vanna White Is Done ‘Playing Second Fiddle’?

This week, the Globe reports Vanna White may just turn the letters on Wheel of Fortune, but she’s tired of being treated as less important than Pat Sajak. “She works just as hard as Pat does and has been on this show for almost as long, so she just wants some equity here,” an insider explains. “She’s been silent about this for so long but now she’s sick and tired of being nice. After all, she’s a co-host and she did take over for Pat when he was ill.”

While White is holding firm on her demands, she isn’t threatening to walk. She and Sajak are both contracted to stick around until 2024, but she isn’t letting that stop her from speaking her mind. “She intends to honor her contract but has told the bosses how she feels,” the tipster confides. “It’s not that she needs the money, it’s the principle of the matter.”

Vanna White Demands Same Pay As ‘Sidekick’ Pat Sajak?

This report seems unlikely at best. While it’s totally possible that White wants a raise, it’s unclear how this tabloid would even know about it. She has never spoken publicly on the matter, and, from what we can tell, no one close to her has either. As the magazine admitted, White has stayed “silent” about her salary all these years, and it looks like she still is.

Besides, we seriously doubt anyone close to White would just dish out her personal information like this. The magazine has no problem insulting her and even calls her a “toothy blonde.” It’s unlikely any true friends of White’s would jeopardize her career and break her trust by gossiping to the tabloids. The most likely scenario is that the magazine wanted to stir up drama for Wheel of Fortune and invented this story to do so.

The Magazine On Vanna White And Pat Sajak

This is far from the first time the Globe got carried away gossiping about game show legends Vanna White and Pat Sajak. Not long ago, the magazine claimed Sajak was in danger of being fired and replaced by White. Then the outlet reported Sajak planned to get a tattoo and ear piercing to “look cool.” And more recently, the publication alleged White was getting married and wanted Sajak to walk her down the aisle. Obviously, the Globe isn’t reliable when it comes to White and Sajak.


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