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What Does Archie Really Think Of Meghan Markle’s Children’s Book?

During her interview with Samantha Balaban on the NPR Weekend Edition, Meghan Markle revealed that her son really loves “The Bench.” “Archie loves the book. He has a voracious appetite for books and constantly when we read him a book he goes ‘Again, again,'” Meghan explained. “Now the fact that he loves ‘The Bench’ and we can say, ‘Mommy wrote this for you,’ feels amazing,” she added. The Duchess of Sussex was inspired by her son — and by her husband — when it came to the book, and she wanted to add in some personal touches, too. While she does feel that the story has a global reach, Meghan took some time to make things extra special for her son.

“Kids, they just pick up on everything and that was one of the pieces that I think was important for me. I knew our son would notice all those elements. And he loves it,” she said. Some hidden things in “The Bench” that are particularly special to Archie? The family’s two dogs, and their chickens. “I needed my girls in there,” Meghan told NPR.


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