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What Surprising Thing Did Bob Saget Do Before Every Show?

Bob Saget died unexpectedly at the age of 65, according to CNN. Before his death, though, he was someone who took his craft very seriously. In an interview with Argus Leader back in 2016, Saget admitted that he would take time to be in complete solitude for about 30 minutes before each one of his standup performances. For a man who certainly had a lot to say to his audience, Saget wanted to make sure that he was mentally prepared before hitting the stage. 

He said, “Before the show, I have no one around me for half an hour. I learned that being on Broadway. That half hour is a sacred hour; everyone focuses. The whole idea is to have kind of a meditated attitude before the show … as a comedian, you pace around and you look up your material and you try to remember it all.” 

Rest in Peace, Bob Saget. There’s no doubt that the world is going to miss you tickling their funny bone or simply making the world a kinder place. 


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