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What To Wear For Your Boyfriend In Bed

Trying to decide what to wear for your boyfriend in bed? You are not alone. Here’s how to feel good and sexy at such an important moment in a relationship.

Most women find themselves a little stressed when thinking about what to wear for their boyfriend in bed, especially if it is for the first time or for an anniversary.

Understanding what your boyfriend likes is very important when deciding what to wear for him in bed, some guys are happy with seeing their girlfriend in a simple bra and panties or girl-boxers, cute pajamas, or even just his t-shirt!

Check out our irresistible suggestions to get your boyfriend’s heart racing!

Bra and Panties

It might seem obvious, but your bedroom wardrobe will most likely be entirely centered around bras and panties. There are so many choices of bras and panties out there to suit your own personal style such as Romantic, Vixen, Tomboy, Fetish…

But the most important thing to consider when trying to look sexy for your boyfriend is finding the right fit which flatters your body so that you are both attention-grabbing and comfortable.

We suggest that you take a visit to a trusted lingerie shop to get measured if you don’t know your size, rather than defaulting to the simplicity of online shopping.

Once you know your size, you can start efficiently building your lingerie collection around you and your body, and not the plethora of styles that seem to cater to you once you enter a lingerie shop. When it comes to bras, there is no ‘one style fits all’.

Stockings and Heels

Stockings and heels are a classic solution to an age-old problem. They instantly add a boost of glamour and sex appeal to your look and overall make you feel like a sexy screen siren.

We advise that you go for the classic stockings and suspender look, and not the hold-ups, as hold-ups tend to wriggle down your leg and can be a nightmare to keep in place.

Black stockings would be a great choice, but there are so many colors and styles to choose from, such as seemed, lace tops and fishnet!

Babydolls and Teddies

Woman wearing babydoll

A babydoll or a teddy would be a great option to look ultra sensual and alluring for your boyfriend. Opt for the lingerie in black or white, of a high-quality material.

A babydoll or teddy would be a great option to look and a feel good, whilst also providing a bit of coverage for those of you feeling a little insecure or if you are wanting more of a slow and intimate experience.

Lingerie can also be powerful for setting the mood and for signaling the kind of experience you want to share with your partner.


Be it for the veteran lingerie wearer, or for someone looking to spice things up in the bedroom, the hottest choice has to be the corset. A corset is a great way to release the goddess within, to fulfill fantasies, to slim down that waist and to ultimately look fabulous.

If you are fairly new to corsets, we suggest that you stay away from steel-boned corsets as they do not allow for much movement and can be quite uncomfortable.

If you are a corset newbie, opt for plastic boning, and pair with stockings and heels for both a timeless and flawless finish.

Pajamas and Nightwear

Woman wearing nightgown

Never underestimate that dressing down can sometimes be the key to looking good. Some men really love to see their girlfriend au naturel in just a pair of soft and cozy pajamas or a gorgeous silk nighty.

What you will be lacking in aesthetics you will be making up for in sensation. Most boyfriends want their girlfriends to be themselves in the bedroom and love that effortless girl next door look.

The more frequently you sleepover with your boyfriend, it will become commonplace for him to see you in your sleepwear, rather than your boudoir-wear, so make sure to grab yourself a great set of jimmy jammies in a feminine color to nail that cute and sexy look every time.

For That Special Occasion

The First time

Close up portrait of an attractive young couple in bedroom

If you are trying to find lingerie for the first time with your new boyfriend, the key to success is not to go overboard. The first time is stressful enough without having to worry about undoing all the clasps and zips and buttons with someone who is not that familiar with your body. You want everything to go smoothly, so keep your underwear simple and easy to remove.

Valentine’s or an Anniversary

If you are looking for lingerie for a special occasion, such as an anniversary or Valentine’s day, don’t be afraid to make it special. If you want to surprise your boyfriend, get some candles, put some music on and sprinkle some rose petals on the bed for added voluptuousness.

At this point in your relationship, you probably have a good idea what your boyfriend likes, so why not go for a bit of luxury and splash out a little to get some really great quality lingerie in silk or lace to make for a truly sensual and unforgettable experience.


Lovely couple in bed talking and smiling

Unless you are fulfilling a certain fantasy for your boyfriend or coming home from a night out, we advise you not to go overboard on the make-up.

Not only will it get uncomfortably very quickly, but your bright red lipstick will most likely smudge into a Joker’s smile all over your face, and your heavily made-up eyes will make you look like a panda in no time.

If you must wear makeup, we suggest going for a mattifying foundation or a powder to avoid looking sweaty, with a light layer of mascara, preferably waterproof.


The most important thing to remember when trying to decide what to wear for your boyfriend in bed is that you should never dress up or behave in a way that makes you feel uncomfortable.

When it comes to sex and relationships, it is essential to communicate in order to find a way to merge two sexual personalities and make them compatible. Don’t feel like you have to change who you are in order to satisfy someone else.


If you think that one of these lingerie ideas will work for you, do not hesitate to try something out with your partner to see if it leads to fireworks in the bedroom.

Take note that the secret to looking great for your boyfriend in bed is confidence. You have to feel comfortable enough to express your sexuality.

It may be difficult the first couple of times, but the first time is an important gateway to unleashing a part of yourself that, with the right partner, you should want to revisit again and again, without hesitation, in a range of deliciously seductive lingerie outfits.


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