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‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Contestant Gives Show’s Worst Guess Ever

A contestant on Wheel Of Fortune gave what will perhaps go down in history as one of the worst guesses the show has ever had. Even host Pat Sajak seemed to be at a loss for words and didn’t have a snarky comment for the contestant. Fans on Twitter had an especially good time giving the hilariously wrong contestant’s attempt to solve the puzzle. 

The Worst Guess Ever On ‘Wheel Of Fortune’?

On a recent episode of Wheel Of Fortune, a contestant named Matt made a truly embarrassing guess, possibly one of the worst in the hit game show’s long history. The board read “Th_ N_ _T _ _N_R_T_ _N,” and the tiles were rapidly filling in. Perhaps Matt just hadn’t caught up with the letters on the board just yet, since his attempt at solving the puzzle was wrong in so many different ways. 

With just a little bit too much confidence, Matt guessed, “The Best Buttercut,” or what was also understood by some people to be “The Best Buttercup.” The real answer to the puzzle was “The Next Generation,” so Matt’s guess couldn’t have been more wrong. Pat Sajak, who caused some uproar in recent years over his attitude towards guests, had an uncharacteristically demure reaction to the off-answer. 

Pat Sajak, Twitter React To ‘The Best Buttercup’

“Uh, no,” he said from off-camera. It really is too bad that the cameraperson didn’t film that reaction from Sajak, but the moment passed too quickly. Luckily the brief moment was captured forever on the internet. Fans of Wheel Of Fortune soon took to Twitter to share their bemusement over the silly answer. “The best buttercup?” one fan tweeted incredulously before asking how Sajak managed to avoid cracking up with laughter or making “one of your hilarious faces?” Even more fans piled on the hapless contestant, but it was all in good fun. 

Sajak’s Had His Own Embarrassing Gaffes On The Show

Host Pat Sajak is no stranger to embarrassing moments on the show himself. A few weeks back, Sajak accidentally committed a gaffe after he said the answer to the puzzle out loud. With only six of the 12 letters revealed on the board, Sajak made an off-hand comment that he’d come to regret almost instantly. “Yikes,” Sajak said, adding, “Well, I’d rather be standing here than there, quite frankly.” 

Unfortunately, “Quite Frankly” turned out to be the answer to the puzzle, but fortunately for Sajak, none of the contestants picked up on his flub. He admitted to it in a post-show chat with Vanna White. “I wonder how many people at home caught it,” Sajak told White before admitting to his mistake. He jokingly added, “It’s funny what your mouth will say when your brain says, ‘You shouldn’t do that.’” With one more tongue-in-cheek jab at himself, he gave the audience his customary good-bye with a twist, saying, “quite frankly, see you next time.” 

While most fans wrote this off as a one-time mistake, which will happen when you host a show for nearly 50 years, the tabloids weren’t so understanding. The Globe published an article claiming that producers for Wheel Of Fortune were worried that Sajak was “losing his marbles” and that his flub was proof. Obviously that was untrue. Considering Sajak’s busy filming schedule, often filming multiple episodes in a single day, it’s honestly a wonder that he hasn’t made these sorts of mistakes on a regular basis. Though this tabloid seems obsessed with making Sajak out to be an incompetent loose canon, he’s been the epitome of professionalism for his entire career. 

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