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‘Wheel Of Fortune’ Ends On Heartbreaking Note As Host Pat Sajak Shares Tragic Loss

Pat Sajak shared some “very sad” news after Monday night’s Wheel of Fortune broadcast. After the episode aired, fans of the game show shared their condolences for Sajak’s loss on social media, comforting him after the loss of his beloved dog, Stella. Vanna White also offered her long-time co-host comfort while Sajak shared a surprising connection that he and White had in common. 

A Somber End To ‘Wheel Of Fortune’ This Week

As the credits rolled for Monday’s episode of Wheel of Fortune, host Pat Sajak announced that his family had just suffered a heartbreaking loss. He and his co-host Vanna White were exchanging their typical post-show banter when Sajak began listing all the ways that he and White were strangely similar. 

“You and I have a lot of things in common,” Sajak stated, adding, “We both have two kids, we both have the same unusual blood type, but the weirdest of all, we independently, without anyone knowing it, we both named our pets the same name.” Sajak informed the audience that White owns a cat named Stella and that he “had” a dog named the same. 

Pat Sajak Mourning Death Of Dog Stella

That slip into past tense was, unfortunately, very deliberate for Sajak. “I use the past tense because we recently had to say goodbye to Stella,” he explained. Stella had been a part of the Sajak family for 12 years before she passed away, and she obviously left an enormous impact on the humans she left behind. “It was a very sad time for the Sajak family,” Sajak admitted, but he didn’t want to remember his beloved pooch in such a sad way. 

Instead, he said, “We wanted to salute Stella by showing you happier days.” The veteran game show host then shared two photos of his Stella. The first showed Sajak and Stella frolicking in the snow next to a ceramic dalmatian. The second was a handsome portrait of Sajak sitting in a chair with the eternally loyal Stella sitting at his side. “We’re going to miss her,” Sajak firmly concluded, adding one last tribute to the dog who shared his home, “she was a good friend.” 

Condolences from fans began rolling in almost immediately through social media. “So sorry to hear about Pat Sajak’s dog Stella crossing the Rainbow Bridge. My condolences,” one Wheel of Fortune fan wrote on Twitter. Even more heartfelt messages addressed to Sajak continued to pour out. 

We’d also like to extend our condolences to the Sajak family. Dealing with the loss of a beloved pet is no small matter, especially one who has been with the family for over a decade. Perhaps some day soon another furry friend will come into their lives. While it won’t erase the grief brought about by Stella’s passing, it will be another opportunity to welcome the joy that a pet can bring.

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