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Why The Honeymoon Stage Doesn’t Have To End

Who says the honeymoon stage has to end? In reality, this phase should be kept alive for plenty of reasons. Read on to find out how to keep the spark going!

Who says the honeymoon stage has to end? Sadly, the answer to that would appear to be, everyone. However, that’s a lie. The honeymoon stage may be made to seem like it has to end by friends, family, by your past relationships, divorcees, newlyweds, long time married couples, parents, or just the media.

Due to all these people being influenced by their own groups, this idea of the happiness and sweet, romantic, lovingness of relationships has been made to seem like it will fade away.

But, there is hope. Love, a strong, happy, meaningful, exciting, thrilling, exhilarating, magical, and indescribable part of life doesn’t die down, and neither does the honeymoon stage.

Read on to learn why the honeymoon phase doesn’t have to end!

The science of most relationships

To start, it’s important to look at what the honeymoon stage even is. It’s best to think about it this way; the honeymoon phase is the beginning of the relationship.

This being, where everything is fresh, new, exciting, sexy, and romantic. It’s also when all you want to do is explore each other and what you have together by going on dates, being intimate, and talking about anything and everything.

As magical, wonderful, special, and awesome as this sounds. For many people, it’s the best part of the relationship. If you were to look at a line graph that symbolized relationships, the honeymoon phase would be the part where it’s climbing higher and higher.

Then, tragedy strikes. In most cases, when a couple has been together for a while, the relationship loses the zest, color, vibrancy, life, romance, and love. On the line graph, this is when time and life catch up, and there is a massive drop in that happiness and love.

Some say it’s because life gets real, there is no such thing as love, the world catches up to said couple, emotions fade, you get bored, the relationship loses that feeling, or you start to not have such interest and admiration for your partner.

However, if that were the case, then love would cease to exist, but instead, it’s something that just baffles everyone. After all, it works in mysterious, amazing, confusing, and sometimes even painful ways.

If you feel as if your relationship has plummeted in terms of the romance and happiness that was once the definition of your relationship, then you need to do something about it. You can either try to revive it, or you can just move on and actually find the right person for you. Either way, know that relationships don’t always lose this feeling and the honeymoon phase doesn’t have to end.

Rethink the lifespan of the honeymoon phase

Look around you. You may find that when you see any type of person, in any type of relationship, that they are no longer in the honeymoon phase. When you see this, you may think to yourself, that’s why it has the name of something that is supposed to be romantic and short lived.

However, the key to a good, healthy, strong, happy, loving, special, and amazing relationship that will last, is to keep the honeymoon phase going.

No matter how tough work, school, or any other curve balls that life throws your way may be, you should still keep the honeymoon phase alive and well. Make sure you remember to be loving, romantic, caring, happy and just show that you are still madly in love with your partner.

You should embrace the vibe that your relationship has when it is in the honeymoon phase by making it become a massive part of your relationship. In a way, it should be an ongoing part of the special bond and connection you and your partner have for as long as you are both together.

Chances are, if you do this, then you will have a relationship that will withstand anything due to the strength, love, and connection it will provide the two of you with.

Take the quiz

lovely couple in water black and white

Take YouQueens quiz to gain a better understanding of what the honeymoon stage is, and to also see if you and your partner are still in it. All you have to do is answer each of the questions honestly and record a number of points you get from the answer you chose for each question.

1. Is seeing your partner still the highlight of your day?

• Always (5 points)
• Almost always (4 points)
• Most of the time they are (3 points)
• Occasionally (2 points)
• Very rarely, most times it feels like seeing them is a chore (1 point)
• No (0 points)

2. Is your partner still the most attractive person out there to you?

• Of course, without a doubt (5 points)
• They are tied with my unrealistic celebrity crush (4 points)
• Sometimes they are (3 points)
• I find them attractive but nowhere near as much as I used to, I mainly see things I don’t like (2 points)
• Well, I find myself looking at others…but they are still attractive to me (1 point)
• No, I am no longer attracted to my partner (0 points)

3. Do you both still cuddle and snuggle?

• Yes, it’s the best feeling ever (5 points)
• Almost every day (4 points)
• Sometimes we do that (3 points)
• We very rarely do that (2 points)
• It happens almost never (1 point)
• No, we haven’t done that in ages (0 points)

4. Have there been any sexual dry spells?

• Never! (5 points)
• Almost never (4 points)
• Sometimes, but they end eventually (3 points)
• More often than not (2 points)
• It would seem that it’s constant and we do something sexual once in a blue moon (1 point)
• Yes, always (0 points)

5. Do you get excited when you do things together?

• Always (5 points)
• Almost always (4 points)
• Most of the time (3 points)
• Occasionally (2 points)
• Very rarely (1 point)
• No (0 points)

couple in love

6. Do you both show affection and love for each other verbally and physically?

• Always (5 points)
• Almost always (4 points)
• Most of the time (3 points)
• Occasionally (2 points)
• Very rarely (1 point)
• No (0 points)

7. Do you and your partner still do things for each other?

• Always (5 points)
• Almost always (4 points)
• Most of the time (3 points)
• Occasionally, but only when it’s things I actually like doing (2 points)
• Very rarely (1 point)
• No (0 points)

8. Do you both still talk about anything and everything?

• Always (5 points)
• Almost always (4 points)
• Most of the time (3 points)
• Occasionally, only when it’s stuff I know they won’t mind hearing (2 points)
• Very rarely (1 point)
• No (0 points)

9. Do you both make sure you do lots of dates that you both love to do?

• Always, they come first so we always make time for each other (5 points)
• Almost always (4 points)
• Most of the time, sometimes our schedules become too busy (3 points)
• Occasionally (2 points)
• Very rarely, most times we put each other on the sidelines (1 point)
• No (0 points)

10. Do you both still do thoughtful surprises for each other?

• Whenever there is a good surprise to be done, I do it for them (5 points)
• I will sometimes do it for no occasion (4 points)
• I do it for all holidays and important dates (3 points)
• Occasionally, I give them a surprise on expected occasions and when I do something bad (2 points)
• I give gifts on all occasions, but they are not well thought out gifts (1 point)
• No (0 points)

The results

lovely young couple on beach

After you tally up the scores you got from answering each question, compare your end result to these categories.

If you got 40-50 points, congratulations you are still in the honeymoon phase. Try to continue doing what you are doing in your relationship, and don’t let that spark and connection go. Instead, continue to nourish it, feed it, and add to it. If you do this, your relationship will flourish and the honeymoon phase will be integrated into your relationship.

If you got 20-39 points, it means that you have moments where you are in the honeymoon phase, but it isn’t consistent. If that’s the case, don’t be discouraged. Instead, try to work on your relationship by bringing back that honeymoon phase vibe. If you both work hard to do this and make this a big part of your relationship, then you will both notice an amazing and massive difference in yourselves and the relationship.

Lastly, if you got 0-19 points, then it would seem that you and your partner aren’t in the honeymoon phase, and also aren’t trying or showing love and affection. If your relationship is too far gone, I’m sorry about that. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t try to do create a sense of the honeymoon phase and build upon that in your relationship.

After all who says the honeymoon phase has to end? And if it has ended, try to rekindle it, or ensure you keep it alive throughout the duration of your next relationship. Who knows, the next one might be one that lasts forever, so keep the honeymoon phase going forever!

The honeymoon phase doesn’t have to end, even as you go through various parts of life, you should keep it alive. It will not only strengthen your bond, but will add to your love, connection, happiness, and life.

If you can think of any other reasons as to why it is important and beneficial to keep the honeymoon phase alive in your relationship, feel free to comment!


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