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Why This ‘Jeopardy!’ Contestant Has Fans Divided

A contestant during Mayim Bialik’s first week guest-hosting Jeopardy! has garnered attention from fans that has nothing to do with her victorious run on the trivia game show. Julia Markham Cameron won many fans over with her expressive faces, but others strongly disagreed. It’s obvious that one side of the argument had way more people taking up its mantle.

‘Jeopardy!’ Fans Divided Over Contestant Making Goofy Faces

Thursday’s episode of Jeopardy! introduced a new contestant, Brooklyn attorney Julia Markham Cameron, who provoked some interesting reactions from fans on social media. Cameron went on to win her taping of the show with a dazzling display of both intelligence and a quickness with the buzzer. That wasn’t the only thing about Cameron that caught fans’ attention. 

She also displayed a truly dizzying array of facial expressions throughout the episode that some fans couldn’t help but adore. One such fan even put together a short clip of Cameron’s many baffling expressions and shared it on Twitter with the caption, “I won’t lie, I was a bit mesmerized with Julia’s WTF expressions.”

Another person hopped on Twitter to share their glowing praise for Cameron, writing, “Okay… Julia on Jeopardy is the cutest and most human contestant ever.” The reception wasn’t always as glowing towards the contestant, though she definitely seemed to have a distinctive effect on viewers. “I go through the entire spectrum of emotions every time Julia answers a question on @Jeopardy,” one fan tweeted

Not Everyone Took To Her, However

Unfortunately, since this is the internet and social media, after all, not everyone took to Cameron’s quirky reactions, and some were very vocal about it. “Julia is unwatchable, please tell her to stop,” one fan wrote in response to a video of Cameron that the Jeopardy! Twitter page posted.  Yet another commented, “Julia played well but was cringy to watch,” but these negative comments were mostly drowned out by either praise for Cameron’s performance in the competition. 

All that praise was definitely appropriate since Cameron handily won her episode first game of Jeopardy! which of course means she’ll be back on Friday’s episode. She made it through the final round with over $16,000. The competition will be stiff, but something tells us that Cameron will pull through with her trademark charm, despite the negative comments from the haters. She’s not the only contestant to receive negative feedback for their demeanor on the trivia game show. 

Ryan Bilger got on some fans’ bad side after they accused him of being arrogant and an ungracious loser after he suffered a tough loss on the program. He addressed the criticism, insisting that he had nothing to apologize for, and that his excitement over being on the show inspired his confident performance. Jeopardy! fans can be a little tough on the contestants, but as long as they make sure to stay respectful, there’s no harm. That’s clearly something a lot of people struggle with.

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