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Will Meghan Markle And Prince Harry Be Invited To Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee Celebration? And Just What Is The Platinum Jubilee Anyway?

Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are constantly attacked by the tabloids, something we here at Yostrive often take note of. One of the more popular tropes the tabloids employ is that the duke and duchess are somehow “kicked out” of the family or have been “banned” by Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Charles, or even Prince William. With Buckingham Palace’s announcement that the queen’s Platinum Jubilee, which will celebrate her astonishing 80 years on the throne, is being planned for the summer of 2022, some have wondered if her grandson and his wife will be included in the party. We think we have the answer.

Just What Is A Jubilee?

Not everything is known about the festivities being planned for next summer, but some details have been announced. It will likely take place on June 2, the anniversary of Queen Elizabeth’s coronation in 1952. The “Trooping of the Colour,” an event traditionally held annually on the second Saturday in June, will serve as the kick off. It traditionally marks the British sovereign’s “official birthday,” which is a date chosen specifically to celebrate and not the queen’s actual birthday (Queen Elizabeth’s actual birthday is April 21).

There will likely also be concerts and other celebrations across the UK and the rest of the Commonwealth, including the “Platinum Party at the Palace,” which will be a huge concert near Buckingham Palace. Performers have not been announced, but in the past, similar concerts at various Queen’s Jubilees have included, Elton John, Tom Jones, Stevie Wonder, Queen, and Paul McCartney, among many others. It’s sure to have a long list of A-listers performing.

Will Prince Harry And Meghan Markle Be Invited And Will They Go?

Despite all the rumors and bogus reports in the tabloids about the queen banning Prince Harry and Meghan Markle from events, it appears that yes, Queen Elizabeth’s grandson will indeed be invited. Multiple sources have confirmed with PageSix that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex will be included. It’s hard to imagine Prince Harry wouldn’t be invited despite the rift between the him and Markle and the rest of the family. Prince Harry praised his grandmother in his interview with Oprah Winfrey and has often talked about how important she is to him.

The question remains: Will Markle and Prince Harry attend? And to that, we can only speculate. Prince Harry returned to England for the first time after splitting with the family in early 2020 for his grandfather Prince Philip’s funeral last month. Meghan Markle didn’t join the prince, however. Markle is, of course, pregnant, and due any day now, so traveling internationally during a pandemic was deemed a bad idea by her doctors. The duchess was provided a closed-circuit feed of the funeral, and it’s been reported that she did watch from their home in California.

Again, it’s only speculation, but Yostrive thinks she will attend the Platinum Jubilee. This is a historic moment in the queen’s life, her reign as monarch, and indeed the history of the United Kingdom, as Queen Elizabeth will be the first monarch to celebrate this milestone ever. No one has ever served as king or queen as long as Queen Elizabeth. For that reason, it’s hard to imagine anyone in the family skipping it, especially her grandson and his wife.

Prince Harry Will Likely Return Before That

On July 1, 2021, Prince Harry will almost certainly return to the UK to stand alongside Prince William when a statue of their mother, Princess Diana, is unveiled on the grounds of Kensington Palace in London. There has been a lot of speculation given the state of Prince Harry and Prince William’s relationship as to whether the Duke of Sussex will go, but again, it’s hard to think he wouldn’t, knowing how much his mother and this tribute to her mean to him. Meghan will likely give birth right around the same time, so it’s impossible to rule out that he won’t be able to make it, but he’ll likely do everything he can to be there.

The whole world will be watching next summer, not only to see the concert and the pageantry, but to break down every nuanced moment of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s return.

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